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While investors like to see a business plan before they can decide to release funds to you, certain characteristics pique their interest in it. First, they want to see a readable and actionable online business plan. The business plan should also contain critical points, such as a summary, overview of the management team and financials. However, don’t think that after submitting your business plan with all these ingredients, the funds will automatically check your account. It will take time, that’s for sure. However, by avoiding these mistakes, you will expedite the process of getting the funds to start a business.

Ensure you have a credible market strategy and someone in charge of sales in your online business plan

If you’re already running an online business that has the remarkable technical know-how but lacks real sales experience and expertise, don’t promote it. Your website probably has a lot of information, including information on the biographies of your management team that highlights their background, as well as their technical abilities, their patents, their degrees, and other relevant information. But what may be unavailable or incomplete on your website is your preferred market strategy. So make sure you add your preferred market strategy in the business plan, and it should include someone in charge of sales.

Ensure your business website is superb before you pitch your business ideas

A lot of business owners assume that running a successful business boils down to having a great product and knowledgeable technical team. That’s not true. The modern-day investors go beyond that. They expect that, in this day and age, you must have an online extension of your brick-and-motor store, so they will want to see how your website looks. They expect to see a professional and elegant website that synchronizes with today’s marketplace expectations. Don’t let your site look like that of an amateur when pitching investors.
When looking to build a website for your business, hire an expert web designer to design a professional and elegantly looking website that will pique the interest of investors. Don’t go for cheap web builders. They may be cheap, but they are always expensive in the long run. If you choose to build your website yourself, make sure to ask experts to give their opinion about how it looks and things you need to fix to bring it to the required level.

Ensure your brochure is up to scratch when pitching your business ideas to private investors

If you’re pitching your business idea to individual investors, its recommend that your brochure appeals. Most would-be business owners put less time and effort on the visual appeal of their brochures. A sub-par document will undoubtedly fail at the first phase of your pitch. Dedicate the time and resources to crafting the message and transmit it professionally, and that it’s easy to read and makes sense. Also, the facts in your message should be corroborated with research from authentic sources.
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Avoid using jargon in your online business plan or website

Jargons are special words or expressions commonly used in a group or profession that other people cannot understand. You can get away with jargon in your business plan because investors are well familiar with them. But when it comes to your website, don’t use them.


You should know upfront that the new kind of investors will look at everything about you and your business before they invest in your idea. So make sure your website is up to scratch. Also, your reputation should be great, as they will do background checks on you. Therefore make sure everything about you and your website is in order.
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